Antal Snap Loop

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It's a Dyneema loop that can be opened with an easy and safe locking system with the choice of the 4mm or 5mm line with 3 different lengths.

Depending on the length, it can be used as a single, double or triple ring for additional strength.

SL4 S Dyneema 4mm line lenght 30cm (SWL 600kg)

SL4 D Dyneema 4mm line lenght 50cm (SWL 1,200kg) 

SL4 T Dyneema 4mm line lenght 70cm (SWL 1,800kg)

SL5 S Dyneema 5mm line lenght 30cm (SWL1,000kg)

SL5 D Dyneema 5mm line lenght 50cm (SWL 2,000kg) 

SL5 T Dyneema 5mm line lenght 70cm (SWL 3,000kg)