Antal HS22 System

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The HS22 track is suitable for boats up to 60ft with 40mm to 60mm sliders.

The Track HS22 is 22mm wide and 11mm high.

Simple slider. This slider takes an intermediate position between two sliders with joint. It is sewed to the sail with a webbing. It usually has small dimensions as it is the slider with the lowest load in the system. 

Slider with joint are the slider with a connection to a batten receptacle with a threaded pin. It's usually bigger than the simple slider because battens stress sliders more than webbings. Antal designs symmetric batten receptacles mounted inside the batten pocket. 

Double slider. Where reefing points are and in correspondence of the clew angle, one may want to use a double slider with a double webbing connection to the sail. This because the outhaul and reef lines load up the tack angle at the mast.

Asymmetrical Joint.