Antal Headboard

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The headboard is attached to the mainsail with webbing, enabling a highly functional and secure attachment to the mast track system.

The headboard sewed with webbings attaches the headboard slider to the sail top. Each headboard has a hole for the connection to the slider and one for the connection to the halyard. All components’ dimension and the distances of the sail from the mast are found in the sheet Full Batten Systems.

Depending on the angle of the mainsail top you will want to choose among headboards’ angles of 40°, 60° or 90°. To half loads on the mainsail halyard one may use small dimensions high load blocks, with control 2:1. The most suitable blocks for halyards are Snatch loopers and Twin halyard blocks. The connection between headboard and headboard slider is made more efficient with a Fast release push pin, which allows quick and precise coupling of the parts.